[3.0] Ux, Dx, Gx new pan/vol column commands

with 3.0, you can now pitch, gliss up/down single notes!

similarly to what Ix/Ox already did for raising/lowering volume, now with Ux, Dx and Gx you can perform coarse portamento Up, Down and Glissando on notes:

Note Ins Vol  
C-4 01 --  
--- -- DC <= will lower pitch to C-3  
--- -- U1 <= will raise pitch to C#3  
D#3 01 G2 <= will port the note to D#3 in a whole row  

welcome back, FastTrackerII commands :)



This will certainly reduce the number of tracks & groupings i do for some lead stuff!

…and should also drastically improve the “merge tracks” tool i’m waiting for someone uh… planning to write =)

? ! I’ve played with this for a week and and i’ve missed it !

thanx it-alien

Awesome, that’ll definately come in handy!

Only a shame you can’t single select vol/pan/dly columns yet. :rolleyes: