[3.0] [XRDP] [XRNI] Tremolo and MB Tremolo

I was messing trying out some Melda plugins when I saw “multi band tremolo”. Lolwat I think, multi band tremolo? It’s weird, and a little subtle, but it’s unique and can sound shimmery if you tweak it right. Anyways I obviously couldn’t match what the plugin could do perfectly (limit 8 macros, no way to set phase on LFO) but it’s something to play with. It’s an XRNI, with the idea being you just drop your samples/recordings into the xrni and tweak the macros. Consider undoing the synced depth and waveform and experimenting with manually adjusting each band to be something different.

Perhaps more useful is the Doofer itself I used to make the XRNI. Simple Tremolo doofer, speed depth and waveform macros.


Tremolo Doofer