[3.0] [XRNI] Guitar Multi Sample

Here’s the link:


Drop Box

It’s the one called Guitar by Carbonthief. The other one that’s there is the old one I made that has like 1/10th of the samples.

I plugged in my guitar and just started recording samples. From C0 to A#2 is palm muted power chords, from B2 to A#4 is strummed power chords, and the rest of the keyboard is plucked strings. I recorded every single note you can play on a 7 string guitar for the last 3rd. There is very little keyzone range on this instrument, it’s almost entirely one sample per note.

And of course there’s a simple DSP chain with macros to control amp gain, distortion, etc. I like volume swells so I threw on a couple AHDSR envelopes and macro’d the attacks. If you set the distortion and gain way up you might want to filter it a little bit, so I have a filter on there too.

If you turn the distortion down a lot and have just 50%ish or less gain, and use the 0b00 command on the plucked strings, it sounds really cool. “Strumming” the plucked notes with low dist and gain sound cool too. And of course try vibrato commands, tremolo commands, and pitch bends commands.

edit: I also uploaded an alternate version where I processed the FX chain on all the samples, which makes it sound completely different and “cleaner” when you play heavily distorted chords. File named Guitar w/ fx by carbonthief.

I hav signe up to MEGA but, once logged in and clicked on your link, nothing seems to happen: I simply get redirected to my account page where there is no trace of your download. What should I do? Maybe your link is not public?

You shouldn’t have to login at all, but I think the link just… expired or something, I guess since it’s the same link I used last time I shared something like this. I’m not sure why it broke, (it actually works for me if I’m logged in to my account) but I have a different link now and tried it in a browser I wasn’t logged into mega in and it works, so should work:


Right click and choose download should do it.

edit: also put it on dropbox, just in case:


I’m not satisfied with how the palm mutes came out. So this is going to be an ongoing project that I’ll be updating. I think I can’t get a good palm mute recording with just one down stroke, I need to chug for a bit and then trim one out. It just doesn’t sound right when you use them to make a pattern. But I have another xrni I made that sounds pretty decent, but the way I made that one was to just do one straight recording of all the chords and then sliced them and rendered destructively.

edit: actually I just had too much release on the envelope, sounds pretty good now.

edit2: changed my mind they sound like shit

Thank You! I have been exploring guitar and guitarish sounds lately, so this will be very useful, I’m sure! Will indicate tracks I use it in! Thanks again!

edit3: changed your mind now they sound a bit better: