[3.0] [XRNI] Massive Bass 1

Phatt wobble, suitable for Dubstep, Brostep, Complextro, etc… Use the instrument macro to adjust/automate things. You actually won’t think this comes from Renoise. Everything said.

Download (22kb)

Have fun and enjoy!


Edit: This patch uses afta8’s Portamento v2. If you don’t use this instrument on instrument no. 00, you have to point the macro in the portamento doofer to your actual instrument number!! The doofer is located in FX chain 1.

again an awesome sounding instrument by Bit_Arts


Thank you Bit_Arts. :walkman:

Hi, nice ideas in it.

But how the heck did you get the instrument macro in the doofer inside the instrument effect chain??

Instrument meta devices are not visible in the instrument effect chain dsp selector…

I assume you created it in the track effects chain and copy pasted it?

If so, this is an inconvenient behavior of Renoise, because if you try to paste a single instrument macro device, Renoise says it can not add this type of device - but an instrument macro inside a doofer is fine? Although one has to create it in the track fx first?? Sounds pretty cumbersome to me…

Or am i missing something?