[3.0] [XRNI] MS20 - Driven Filter

Here is a meticulously sampled analog synth with a sound you simply can’t achieve with software:
KORG MS20 (re-issued model) with a highly resonant filter, playing through the entire scale from B2 - B8

I originally made it for being included in the Renoise 3 beta factory content, but the file size got too big.

Pro-tip: the resonant tone is self-oscillating and thus adds specific under/overtones to the entire range. Therefore, if your song has a different basenote, try moving the keyzones and adjusting transpose - the instrument will completely change it’s character

Edit: Get it from Renoise Downloads

funny…but…what to do with it? :blink:

Make noise.

White noise, pink noise or danoise?

There’s a whole rainbow to choose from: Colors of Noise

As in, he made some noise, now use that noise again to make some more noise? Like, remake some noise from some noise that was already made noise? Like, re-noise? Hmmm, yeah, I think I get it now… Always wondered what that meant, exactly.

I was just joking of course, you have the right nick for it. :rolleyes:
Experimented a bit with it now and i like how it radically changes when i move the samples keyzones around. :ph34r:

Haha :lol:

Now, this (the noise lolz) gave me a goofy and somewhat off topic idea to start trying to put up a noise samples thread in that subforum where those guys put a couple or so ‘sample collab’ threads.

Actual noise, not filter grunge and such. Or, maybe.
Just simple samples of noise generators. Not meticulous documents of filter behavior such as danoise’s. Could be a bit too silly and potentially boring of an idea but doing it anyway. B)/>/>/>