[3.0] [XRNI] Supersaw


just tried the new macro stuff in Renoise 3 and came up with a simple Supersaw instrument.

It’s rather large due to the fact that Renoise doesn’t (yet) support randomized sample starts.

Anyways, the macros:

Spread: Adjust spreading
Mix: Adjust the mix (side/main)
Attack/Hold/Decay/Sustain/Release: Modify common envelope

It’s sounding much cleaner than the original Supersaw (which had naive oscillators and a tracking highpass filter). As soon as we have random sample starting points, one could make a ‘real’ Supersaw XRNI :D/>/>

With ‘clean’ I mean fully bandlimited, high quality overkill … I tend to waste HDD space …

Anyways, whatcha think?

NeetSuperSaw.xrni [15.2MB]

Sounds great.
Btw. better than random sample starts, would be free running looping samples. So its looping all the time in the background and will only be played, when you hit the key.