[3.0] [XRNI] Yamaha Drumdrops XRNI Mappings

There are a few problems with this mapping, such as overlapping velocity ranges, currently working on fixing, and there might be an official .xrni you can download soonish (few days, not really sure). You might want to hold out for that. If not, be aware you’ll need to fix the velocity overlap, set the NNA to continue, and maybe a few other things.

Ok so there’s these awesome FREE drum samples:

The kicks, snares, and toms have 16 velocity layers, the hi hats have 12, there are 14 different hi hat articulations (each with 12 velocities) and 7 snare articulations (each with 16 velocity layers) and well it’s just a totally awesome freebie. Apparently now you can only choose one version to download, but it’s not a big deal. Choose the All Samples Pack. Inside you will find 2 folders, the one you want is the MV Pack Samples (multi velocity, this is just the straight up samples folder).

The Kontakt Pack Samples has the same samples, except for every single sample there are 2 additional samples meant to be used as “Round Robin” so if you hit the same drum and velocity twice in a row it will sound different. I was not quite brave enough to build an xrni out of those, although it is possible in Renoise. But this alone took long enough. If you’re feeling frisky one day you might decide you want your snare to have these, or something, so just know that they are there. Honestly with all the velocity layers and different articulations I don’t think you’ll be needing round robin samples. The hi hats are particularly insane.

These mappings include Velocities, and starts at C3. It’s easy enough (relatively) to change the mappings around once it’s loaded if you don’t like my mappings, and the legwork of setting the velocities is done for you, just follow the instructions below.

I followed my own instruction to make sure it works, and it did, so this should work.

  1. Load the samples into Renoise in the correct order
  2. Save the XRNI
  3. Open the XRNI with 7zip or alternative
  4. Replace the Intrument.xml with the included Instrument.xml


Correct order of samples by sample folder:
Kick Drum:

  1. Felt Beater
  2. Plastic Beater
  3. Centre
  4. Edge
  5. Rimshot
  6. Sidestick
  7. Centre Undamped
  8. Edge Undamped
  9. Rimshot Undamped
    Hi Hat:
  10. Pedal Shut
  11. Pedal Open
  12. Fully Closed
  13. Closed
  14. Open Quarter
  15. Open Half
  16. Open Three Quarters
  17. Open
  18. Edge Fully Closed
  19. Edge Closed
  20. Edge Open Quarter
  21. Edge Open Half
  22. Edge Open Three Quarters
  23. Edge Open
  24. Rack Tom
  25. Floor Tom
  26. Bell
  27. Centre
  28. Edge
    Crash of Doom:
  29. Centre
  30. Edge
    Constantinople Crash
  31. Centre
  32. Edge

Amazing, downloading now!

Thank you for your effort and the link :D

Can u share the renoise instrument?

No he can’t. ;)
The licence is personal.

Wish I could, it would have been a lot less work than giving detailed instructions on how to build it.

I actually like how you managed to distribute the mapping without including the samples! I was also thinking of doing a mapping for the Big Mono drum set, but then I thought “well, I won’t be able to share this with others anyway, due to the licence issue…”. But I now realised that it actually is possible! Thanks for that! And of course for the mapping itself :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to clean up/process the samples a bit. The kick has a lot of noise/natural reverb on it that makes it bad for double kick stuff, so I put a simple (re)noise gate on it, and it sounds a looooot better. It still lacks a bit of low end thunk-iness but that’s necessarily a bad thing for metal double kicks. Also have to use max velocity, you’d have to adjust the gate for other velocities, but I don’t think metal kicks have multiple velocities generally anyways. I do like alternating between the 2 beaters.

For those of you NOT making metal, you might like having that extra noise, as it only really sounds bad if you have rapid kicks (and then it sounds really, really bad).

After you register and “purchased”, you can download all the available packs as the download links are all provided in your invoice list.

That’s how it was when I downloaded it, but at bpd it now says this:

“UPDATE: Since May 6th, you’ll have to create a free account at the Drumdrops website and then use the coupon code “yamahafree” at checkout to get your Yamaha Hybrid Kit version of choice for free! You can only get one version of the kit for free, but you’re free to pick any version you prefer.”

All samples seems to be corrupt in my “all samples” packet and when i try to download it again it says
“Sorry you have previously used this voucher and cannot use it again”
anyone else has this problem?

edit: loaded pack again, still “corrupted” files
edit2: nevermind, got it fixed.

I had the same problem, but i was able to convert them to mp3 with lamedrop. I can’t notice the downgrade in sound quality, but if you’r very picky you might be able to convert them in other apps to a non lossy format.

If your download is corrupted you might also be able to use audacity to batch “repair” them.

Also I highly recommend using this plugin: http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=59370

to remove the silence from the end of the samples. Reduces the xrni size from 147 MB to 23 MB.

edit: oh and if you’re not familiar with chains in audacity, it’s really simple. Go to file>edit chains, create a chain with trim silence followed by export to flac, then go to file>apply chains and run the chain on the extracted sample folder from the xrni. Then you’ll have a folder called “cleaned”, rename it to SampleData and drag it back into the xrni with 7zip or alternative.

Hi All…

Nick from Drumdrops here. Thanks for all the comments. A few things …

The corrupted sample issue has probably been fixed. We basically found that our Mac compression software doesn’t play ball with windows built in unzipping programme (on a few versions of windows). The hidden mac files caused all our WAVs to be duplicated. So what you would probably find is double the amount of samples in the unzipped folder. The first ones in there all start with a dot and these are just ghost files of the actual WAVs. If you move further down the folder you will find the actual WAVs without the dot in front… Those are the good ones. We have actually uploaded a new version of all the yamaha packs which should stop this problem if you redownload. We will slowly go through our whole catalogue and recompress.

Thanks for the comment about the noise on the kick. We may check this out. The Multi-velocity samples are basically a mix of the close mic, overhead and room so there is a chance we mixed that one with a bit more room on it than was needed. If you don’t like the noise head to the Kontakt pack samples. These are the separate microphones rather than the mixed samples. So you get a sample for the close mic, room mic and overhead mic. (as well as 3 round robin variations). So if you use the Kontakt ones you will be able to make the template even more amazing I imagine (if renoise allows you to).

As far as the offer goes - yep sorry guys we had to reduce it from all the packs to one pack. It proved more successful than we thought and with everyone downloading all the packs our download charges were getting a bit out of control. So you can still download the one pack you used the voucher with but if you want the other ones they are only £ 1.50 / pack to cover the download costs… By the way this may well change again when we release the Kontakt pack and prices may rise with just the single hits pack being free. So if you want the packs buy them now…

Thanks for your comments Carbonthief. With regards to the noise on the end of the samples most of them should be pretty accurate already - we carefully chopped them at the point we felt the necessary ambience had gone using a proper editor. You may find one or two that are wrong (big job) but you may just not care about this extra ambience and decide to chop them which is cool.

If anyone wants to build a template for us in Renoise for the multi-velocity samples that we can include in our Multi-velocity pack and Single Hits pack please get in touch - nick@drumdrops.com - I would also be interested in finding people to build cool Renoise templates for the other kits we do -Mapex, Premier, Rogers and the Ludwig which is currently being built. We can offer the sample packs for free for someone who builds this and makes them good. We want to include as many software templates as we can in our packs and there is a limit to how much time we can spend on these for the price we offer them at… So any help would be amazing.

Thanks all - hope you enjoy the Yamaha and to help support us get buying the other kits :)

Cheers Nick

Hey Nick, dropped you an email.

I could still download all the packs as all links were made available in the invoice, or perhaps i am only entitled to download all variations of the one sample pack for all sampler types.

If you ‘bought’ every pack early on then these links may stay in your account. However only those particular ones will stay active in your account. All the packs were made available at the beginning of this offer. Currently new signups can only get one free pack of their choice. Shortly this offer will be closing and at that point the Single Hits pack will become the free kit for new signups and all other packs will be going up in price (although these will be roughly 50% off the price of the other Drumdrops kits). This change will happen this week.

Also on the horizon is the Kontakt 5 pack (possibly next week). This is only useful to those that have the full version of Kontakt 5. When this is released the first 250 will get if for free, the next 250 for £ 2.00, the next 500 for £ 5.00 and then it will go up to £ 10.00. Anyone who signed up with a legitimate email address will be mailed about this offer when it goes live.