[3.0] [XRNS]1 Instrument - 32 Lines

How much musical variation is it really possible to create in 32 lines in Renoise by using only ringmodulators to create the sounds?

The answer: Infinite!
How: Massive avbuse of the maYbe command (plus a few other tricks)
Here is an endless harmonic jam written in only 32 lines with just about infinite melody variations including percussion. All synthesized in realtime using ringmodulators:

Here’s an mp3 preview:

If this is not amazing enough for you i’m not shure what else i can offer. :lol:


Holy shit that’s awesome!

Fukkking nice!!!

Hail to the King of the Ring. :yeah:

xrns? Show us how to DO that wonderful noise!


He has the link to it in his post, right above the preview.

Thanks guys!

As Carbonthief says you can see how in the xrns.
It’s a bit much to explain every aspect of it, but the principle is quite simple. You take a tuned ringmod, turn on a scale of choice and write some notes with y commands in phrases and pattern editor. ;)
I also used LFO’s to automate stuff like the envelopes and such.

Feel free to use it or it’s contents for whatever you want, if you render a song with it i could never even prove i made it anyway, as it’s never the same twice. :lol:
Changing the tempo and bpl makes it sound different or you could also switch the scale for more radical changes.

Well. This is embarrassing.