[3.0] [XRNS] Tiny Rocker

Preview of a very tiny instrument with an IMO really, really cool sound. Just had to post this as a pre. Stay tuned for the final version. Meanwhile start the demo sequence and play some air guitar.

Download (ZZ Top in 12kb )

Have fun and enjoy!


:guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

Great work, Bit Arts!

Sounds awesome!

Damn son

edit: Ima steal this effects chain for guitar. It’s perfect.

edit: I didn’t bother making it not clip horribly but here’s a quick and dirty demo:

Thanks guys! :)

Your posting on the “general discussions” was the reason, why I set this up. Actually was just going to put in some little instrument for a short demo and then decided to make it a complete instrument. :)

I like it a lot, impressive!

wow! - great work bit_arts!

how did you archive this sound?

Copied the DSP chain from the xrni onto a new track, recorded a sample of me playing guitar through it, clicked process track effects, and save the sample. I really should have also pulled a fader down to avoid the terrible clipping. Basically I just played a guitar through the same DSP chain used for this thread’s xrni.

You could have tried with an Input device in front of the chain first :P

I actually did, I was just too busy rockin to see that I was deep into the red. :guitar:

Will try this tomorrow! Judging from Carbonthief’s clip this is pretty awesome.

Yet again most impressive work from Bit_Arts :guitar:

Great instrument B.A.