3.1 flanger - Stereo Spread option

i like the new flanger, it sounds much better then previous one.

but the old one was great as a kind of modulated stereo spreader for pads etc… the new one seems to be mono only. (in fact i only used the old one for that purpose, never found a similar effect in other DAWs)

out of curiousity and not really necessary for me as we still can load the old one, but is the mono behaviour done on purpose?

The Flanger in 3.1 is stereo, just like it was in 3.0.

It does have a new “Init” preset which has Phase set to 0.0° degrees, so there will not be any stereo phase offset when you first load the device. Perhaps this is tripping you up?

If you want some stereo action, simply tweak the Phase parameter to the desired amount.

6463 renoise-3-1-flanger-init.png

that makes sense, i should have looked a bit further. thanks dblue :slight_smile: