[3.2] New Doofer: PEDALBOARD Effects Chain

After reading this article about the “best” signal chain for guitar effects, I decided to string out the recommended signal chain and save it as a Renoise Doofer.

PEDALBOARD- Straight Line.xrdp (19.8 KB)

I found the article educational about the best place to put certain types of effects, like putting a compressor first, a noise gate before your “ambience” effects like delay and reverb, and a final EQ at the end of the chain.

Of course this is useful for other types of sounds besides guitar, and it’ll be fun to run different types of signals through it.

One last caveat – all the effects in the chain are switched ON by default, so there is a lot of modulation, reverb – just a lot of EVERYTHING going on. You will probably get a more usable sound by selectively turning things off and playing with the settings of each effect. Hopefully, though, it’ll get you started on making big, rawking sounds!