3/4 beat metronome

Right now there’s only a 4/4 beat metronome.

It would be great if you could choose other options, like a 3/4 metronome.

No big deal, as you can always make your own metronome, but it would be even easier than that if it was build into Renoise.

  1. Go to: Renoise: Song/Song Options: Metronome.
  2. Configure it!

What you will not be able to change the metronome throughout the sequence. It would be appropriate for Renoise to have a couple of effect parameters to change the metronome during playback.

Renoise assumes that all songs use the same metronome at all times, which does not have to be that way.

Even the volume should be configurable.

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Oh so i was too quick with my assumption there is no 3/4 metronome, well… that’s nice! :slight_smile: But, i agree, it’s volume should be configurable too.

Anything metronome 7/17, 45/832, 43/1,

Oh yeah :flushed: its kinda there