3 Days Until Yesterday

just wanted to inform you about my lately released track.
both, xrns and mp3 version can be snatched here.

listened to the mp3 only yet, but thats great groovy shit. well done. just the mixing is a bit bottomless imho.

Once again, another top quality production! I would say that a teensy bit more ‘punch’ to the bass drum wouldn’t go amiss, but this is still staying on my HDD. Nice to see your Renoise file up there too, I’m sure I could pick up a lot of tips from this! Your style continues to grow on me - good work!

good tune man :) nice and full. ill have to agree on the bassdrum punch. there could be a bit more. but the tune is really great!

yeah, quite impressive, but I also had to tune up the bass a bit. :) I like the calm ending of it too.

hugs for the feedback guys. :)
guess i’m gonna tune that bass a little bit anytime soon and re-upload the track to scene.org.
thanks for pointing that out!

are you all relating to the mp3 version or do you feel that the xrns suffers the same lack of bass?

its the same in xrns.

btw, you on IRC anytime soon ?