3 step sequence (stepmeditation)

Another Stepmeditation - 3 steps, who needs more, really?



True indeed, true indeed… :sparkles:

Very cool! And relaxing. :slight_smile: zen

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Appreciate it mate!

Oh, I like it! This one sound really as an healing-music soundscape! :pray:

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are all the sounds just from those 4 note ?

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Yup, the four notes sequence everything you hear in this little piece.

do the notes go to multiple instruments ? or do the bells have so much reverb they create pads?

Actually the notes goes to one instance of Arturia Pigments, but the “action” takes place within Pigments. I use the sample engine (in Pigments) and set it to randomly pick and alternate between six sample slots.

Makes more sense now I guess.

Have you tried Arturia Pigments?