3 Suggestions

I’m quite new to this forum (and to forum in general) so let me introduce myself quickly :
I make music since some years. Fist I sequenced on my MC505, then on Sonar (Warez). I made a song on buzz and an other on renoise (1.7 ?), then I tried Reaper 2.
I have always been interested on the soudtracker and searching for something working with midi gear.
Last year I decided to try Psycle and give another try to Renoise (1.91).
Finally I bough Renoise 2 and don’t regret it!!
So there are a couple of ideas I’m summiting:

1- Ability to change track colour
Can help to find quickly your bassline track
see down

2- Ability to make horizontal axis
If you want to determinate where you will make this terrible break or where you have heard something wrong…

3- I love the ability to search a patch name in the vst instrument, Renoise is great for that. But sometime I’m searching for a killer bass. So I tape bass, but on this vst I have 48 bass preset not well tidy. I try the fist one, it’s not good. Then I tape bass, I try the second one, it’s not good, then I tape bass… Can it be quicker? I would appreciate if my search was memorized to jump quiker into patch.

What do you think of that ?

been suggested before, your mockup looks sweet because it has yellow and orange, nothing more to say, +1

Yes! but I’d also like it if you could do that for individual tracks, as well, and attach notes to them!

yeah, why not. but it would be great if you could also clear what you typed more quickly then… maybe by a key when a dropdown list is open, and by wriggling the mouse, something like that…

  1. I’ve never really though of “track colouring”-suggestion as a way to easier find the track, but I realize that I too often get lost on which track I am currently at, so I’d love this one as well. :) +1

  2. I agree, I’ve been thinking about this one too. Maybe it could just remember what was last searched on, just like the effect/instrument-searcher does. +1

  1. I think an arranger is a much better idea.
    and then maybe only colour the names on top of the track.

  2. Wouldn’t this just be a confusing tool because it only marks something and doesn’t do anything else?
    if I hear something in my song that doesn’t fit or whatever I remember where it is. I mean it’s your song so you probably know it from begin to end very very well.

  3. definitly +1

I think an arranger is totally unrelated and that a coloring only the names is pretty much pointless? It’s not like you HAVE to give colors to your tracks, it could be a simple context menu option…

Well, that would be the whole POINT of the tool, so why would a tool that does what it does be confusing?

Great for you???

3 good suggestions.

I would use track coloring to separate at least the bass and drums, and it’s gonna be nice :)

Example of use : When I go back to a song, 3 or 4 days without having heard it, I push play, shut down my screen, write on paper improvement or wrong things I hear.
I would like a key (F11 on Sonar M on Reaper) to put an axis to remember where.

programming editors (such as Visual Studio and similars) have a “bookmark” system; it would be good to have a key to set/unset placeholders and and two keys to go to previous/next placeholders. I would surely use it.

I was thinking to the arrows to navigate between patchs and push [suppr] to clear what I typed.

exactly !