30 Tracks

30 tracks
spread the word :) thanks

i spread the word…on a piece of toast. it was horrible. why? what

I haven’t listened to any of the tracks, but I just want to give you a tips:

If you’re interested in getting feedback for your tunes, you shouldn’t post 30 of them at a time.

This will just scare any viewers from checking them out.

I mean, very few people have the patience to actually listen through 30 tunes. And even if all of them ARE great, I think you should choose 3 songs at the most, which you are most satisfied with, and rather try to get feedback on these.

So, name three of the tunes you like the best and I’ll have a listen :)

best regards

I’m at work now, so I cannot listen to them, but this is the impression I got from the page you linked:

they all seem unfinished songs to me: no description, no descriptive title, just a bunch of links.

would a casual visitor even understand that you are offering your free music there?

also: from the design of the page it seems you have produced about 10 songs in august… something like this would never get my attention

Dufey is right. I cant even be bothered downloading those tracks.

mmm well… i’ve just downloaded all the tracks with one simple mouse click using a handy firefox extension, it took me like 5 secs to set them to download…

the page looks cool to me. music shouldn’t need much discriptions imo, the song should do the talking for you… .etcblabla. :)

so anyway, i will listen the tracks soon, what i’ve heard from you before is still in my fav playlist so well … yay for me (30!! tracks)

don’t let these crumpy people get to you ! lol !

“also: from the design of the page it seems you have produced about 10 songs in august… something like this would never get my attention”

why ?

I find your website design kind of cool…
I like the one song a day attitude, keeps things fresh and spontaneous. rather than overwritten over produced tracks.

nice tracks !!!

of course is a matter of tastes and attitude. “music should not have description” is not an universal law: of course there are songs for which even a title is not needed, but there also other descriptive music which then need a descriptive title, and even a… descriptive description.

as for the “a song each day” idea, I said that this would personally not be of my interest.

Usually even when you have a song a day policy it would be wise to give yourself at least a week to consider improvements instead of publishing the stuff right away.
Usually a lot of songs in a few days means they are basically ideas. Not that this is wrong, but it’s not something you should put up in the circles for critics yet.
Give your stuff some character first and then get them criticized.
I personally hated it when my roombuddies came up and criticized my stuff when i was fully working on it because i personally myself didn’t even knew where the hell i was going yet with the idea.

wow, i thought that i over-analyzed things…the date simply refers to when i posted them all. this is actually most of my best finished work, dating back to November of last year to present day. If the world actually cared about art, i would probably put out a record. I don’t have a dollar to my name.

Okay so now we have the point of misunderstanding here…
So this means i can relax and listen to the songs in the next couple of days.
I already listened to a few which didn’t sound bad, but not all i listened so far sounded finished.

i guess it should also be noted, being that this is a renoise forum, that all the songs under _tsolteg were made in real time…they are also the most recent and my favorites.

I like http://www.anonomogon.com/kidwolfman/tsolteg/j184.mp3 a lot…
But what’s with the title make-up?

or at least provide track info into your mp3 files (ID3 tags i mean)

haha…the names are usually based on dates or colors/things that the sounds make me think of. They keep changing though because i suck at backing things up…i’m getting better though :)
Actually, that’s a good topic…if you have a good method for archiving your files please let me know.