Somehow reminded me of an sideways scrolling shooter: it has the same energetic yet completely trancey vibe to it that some of those games have

The bubbly bass is your ship, composed of various modular parts than spin around and reconfigure themselves on the fly, an active shield of sorts.
The snares represent weapons fire, and the melody is the environment you’re flying through, and also enemy fire.
The soundfx and vocal snippets are the funny little critters that you shoot.

And the break around 2m is a refueling station

Wow, I’m not even stoned! />

I like it!

best review ever! :yeah:/>


Very cool man, I really enjoyed it!

Drugs are bad for you.


i like the vibe! think the amen could be a bit louder with more high end? like the tricks you got going on with the bass edits. very cool


I think it’s cool how the track evolves - kind of reminds me of earlier squarepusher tracks / Reflex, the space theme is cool too :)

Damn. I really like this one. 808 sounds are top! Plus, I love the delicate bell sounds as a contrast to the chaotic beats. Awesome track! Ah…and then the amens bust in with the square wave lead…nice!!! :yeah:/>