30s Preview For Xrns Files

It’d be really cool to have the option as part of the Saving process to include a 30s 64kbps Ogg of the first 30s of a track, so when browsing through ambiguously named xrns files (guilty!), a quick listen could be possible by single clicking on the file - the same behaviour as samples.

It’d probably be really easy to do!



Good idea. I’d opt for a higher bitrate though. I’m guessing it will take about as long to render and save with the song, and there’s no reason to actually load the preview when loading the actual song, so that doesn’t matter?
Maybe, when you’re working on something important, you want to save often, and this would be annoying, so it could be a toggled on and off as a song preference. I also think length should be an option, either a duration or entire song, so you could have full-length previews (I wouldn’t mind waiting for it to save, if I could toggle that behavior).


That will make the files horribly bigger and will cost lots of saving time. I vote more for a tagging system for xrns and sample files.

Doesn’t matter if the files get bigger if it’s not saved with a preview by default. You could have a make preview / delete preview button… and timestamp the preview to indicate how out of date it was compared to the xrns file. Resave without the preview for distribution, or have a way in the file browser of stripping an xrns of it’s preview. This wouldn’t be an alternative to a tag system.

Renoise would then do what you anyway can do now? Make the first instruments sample a rendered selection of the song. Then in the browser, listen to this sample in the XRNS?
Would be quite a pain if Renoise automatically renders down a 30 sec part as soon as you save the song, so you anyway want to do/decide manually when to update the preview and when not?

Yeah you could do all this manually so not really important. Just convenient. For when you run out of stuff to do. :)

Benefits would be

  1. cut xrns load time by not actually loading the preview (or would it still add to the xrns load time because it’s an archive?)

  2. timestamp and have an indicator in the file browser showing how valid the preview is

  3. save a couple of steps both when making and previewing. It all amounts to seconds, but those seconds… they turn into supereons and before you know it we’re all dead because we didn’t have automatic made previews in Renoise. :S


I agree with taktik, it would spell pain to have Renoise automatically render 30 sec… Better to do this manually.

i do this since years now, every song it is his own style-folder or work folder and have a rendered wav or mp3 which i make it at every composing day after saving the file the last time @ day.

i didn’t see a way to automat this. i use autosave at every 10mins, together with rendering song it would really painfull ;)

I dislike this idea. Tagging has better potential.

Well this got very grey and bureaucratic… why not follow the whole thread, see where it’s moving, think about it and then add a constructive post instead of just taking issue with what was presented in the first post?

  • There doesn’t have to be (there shouldn’t be, it WOULD be extremely painful) automatic rendering

  • It doesn’t have anything at all to do with tagging. The two would co-exist and compliment eachother with no redundancy

  • It could save load time if there was some way to circumvent it from being loaded

Why I’m now championing an idea that I don’t really care that much about… :D

i have about 570 xrns/rns (own) in my working dir. i HAVE to be bureaucratic ;)