32-Bit Renoise Won'T Connect To Jack In 64-Bit Ubuntu (10.10)

Hey guys. I bit the bullet today and installed the Ubuntu 10.10 RC. Normally, my course of action is to install the 32-bit Renoise on my 64-bit system (Usually without problems)

Today I discovered that can’t happen any more. For some odd reason, 32-bit Renoise will not connect to JACK. I tried a few different things until I finally installed the 64-bit version, only to find it works perfectly. I don’t know where this bug is, to be perfectly honest (After all, I’m running beta software on a beta OS), but I figured that perhaps one of you could either provide me with an answer or try to reproduce my problem.

Many thanks


Apologies, I didn’t realize this wasn’t in the 2.6 Beta testing forum… <_<

Discovered the problem. Posting it here for anyone who encounters the same problem.

Uninstall jackd2 and replace it with jackd2.

The bug is in jack.

32bit renoise shouldn’t interface with 64bit jack. Same goes for 64bit LADSPA plugins for example. Workarounds for this are all hacks. And either jack or renoise has to provide them. I am not aware renoise providing hack to interface with 64bit jack. But then again, there is also 64bit version of Renoise.

64bit <-> 32bit VST bridge is planned, so you would be able to run old 32bit plugins with 64bit renoise too. When exactly this is released, I can not tell you.

Not too worried about the bridge. I’ve always been able to connect 32-bit renoise to 32-bit JACK (As it should be anyways because i’d imagine it’s just audio data).

I can understand troubles with the plugins and as far as I can tell: This problem has only recently arisen. The older version of jackd seems to allow connections from 32-bit applications just fine.

Uninstall jackd2 and replace it with jackd2.


I have same/similar problem. Ubuntu 15.10 64bit, Jackd2 64bit but Renoise is 32bit. I can connect Renoise to jack but when I push play button nothing happen. Renoise MIDI clock not flashing, track isn’t played but program isn’t crashed.