32-Bit Vsti's In 64-Bit Renoise

I have 2 questions:

Can I use 32-bit VST instruments in 64-bit Renoise and are there any memory limitations when using 32-bit VSTi’s?
For example if my computer has 8 GB RAM, can this memory be used by the 32-bit VSTi’s?

Thanks in advance!

You can definitely use 32-bit plugins in 64-bit Renoise. They won’t perform any better in the 64-bit version vs the 32-bit version though.

Thanks for your reply. Do you also have an answer on the 2nd question? Would be great!

I’m fairly certain that the extra resources would not be available to the 32-bit plugins.

Yep, your 32-bit plugins will work in 64-bit Renoise, but due to technical restrictions each 32-bit plugin must exist in its own self-contained ‘sandbox’ process. This is usually not a problem, but in certain rare cases you may experience some quirks. For example, if you have a plugin which relies on being able to communicate with other loaded instances of itself, this probably won’t work because each sandboxed instance is totally self-contained and separated from the others, ie. they cannot ‘see’ each other.

A 32-bit process can technically never use more than 4GB memory, so no, you will still not be able to use all 8GB in a 32-but plugin.

However, each 32-bit plugin process can grab its own chunk of your overall system memory. So for example, you could in theory have 4 x 32-bit plugins using 2GB of memory each for a total of 8GB. In reality, you will of course never have the full 8GB available, since your OS will use a nice chunk of that in order to operate, but hopefully you get the general idea.

Ok! Thanks guys for the info!

Brings also an advantage on trail/demo-plugins that don’t allow more than 2 or 1 instances running at the same time:they can’t check that anylonger :P

Sorry a bit late but mega thanks!