32 vs 64 ?

Hello Guys!

When i start use renoise 2.8 64 in mac os, i thinkin i get many free, but so strange 64 bit version working slowly 32. Is there anyone who compared the performance of 32 vs 64?

maybe I’m doing something wrong?



i tried in imac 2011 4gb Lion, mac mini 2010, macbook pro 2011.

get many free what?
sorry, I don’t quite understand.

Are you using lots of 32bit plugins? Reports are for something that is fully native Renoise the 64bit version should be a little more efficient. Plus it can use the additional RAM compared to a 32bit program.

But if you have lots of 32bit plugins that all have to be bridged to 64bit to work then you might find it is less efficient.

Also where are you taking your reading from? Are you sure both are using the same settings? More details (more clearly explained) could help us help you here…

in the renoise 64 bit I used 64 bit plug but when project becomes big, interface freezing. in the renoise 32 bit version i dont have this problem. )))

I believe, With X86 architecture processor, you can have more memory allocation in 64bit. in 32 bit 2Go max by process and more in 64 bit. In Theory, There is no problem to run applications 32 bit on (64 bit computer + OS 64 bit). Very strange…

I don’t use the 64 bit version (osx) because the qwerty keyboard doesn’t work with bridged plugin windows open =/