32bit float. / sample problems

Regarding 32bit float : I was just trying to figure out what 32bit float realy is. From what I understand it’s a variable bitdepth that works on a number range of 32bit (as in 16 bit has a possible of 65,536 possible levels), using the available bitdepth of 24bit (16,777,216 available levels)… So if this is true, how does it divide the available audible levels accordingly, and what is the actuall result of this?

I’m also having some problems running longer samples in renoise, I tried cutting up a previous song that I was working on, and inserting it to renoise, even used renoise’s sample editor for all the cutting work. The samples, after they got cut, where aprox 5-10 sec each, the problem is that on playback they stutter randomly, jump back and forth in the sample,
when previewed and when inserted into pattern it still does same thing.
Has anyone else experienced this?

/Mutant <_<

last note : they dont studder constantly, just randomly 1-3 times pr 5 sec sample, varying completely every time.

These values are kept between +/- 1.0, so an amplitude of 1.0 means a 0dB attenuation. A big difference from integer samples is that calculation resulting in values >1.0 doesn’t clip, so for instance a compressor or limiter can bring the amplitude back in the valid range before it is converted to integers for output.

You can think of the 24 bits as the detail you have, and the rest of the float defines which “size order” (don’t know a god english word here, “størrelsesorden” in norwegian if anyone can translate). This is done (a bit simplified) like writing a value as (x * 2^y) where x is the 24bit detail and y defines the size order.

thanks for the quick response, made a lot of sence, and btw, I’m norwegian, hehe.

Mutant <_<