3D video collaboration


Perhaps not solely Renoise focused, but I thought I would put it out there anyway!

I have been planning a short 10 minute long animation, and wanted to collaborate with some others on it. I mainly use Renoise for all sound creation, and as this is the Renoise forum I wondered if any of you would be up for collaborating with me on this.

The animation will be pretty much the kind of thing you see at Evoke; dark, swooping, psychedelic, curious, hallucinatory, etc, with sounds to match.

I will be using Blender for all 3D, so if any of you are good at that, I would love to link up on this.

Well, sorry for the spam style post, but there you go. If you want in, just let me know and then we can talk specifics.



you can count on me man! im very interested in a collaboration with a visual artist, also i have some knownlodge on 3dmax and im desenvolving some experimental synths for reaktor to sound design proposes. Send me a notification, or a e-mail, or a facebook poke(lol), get in contact if you are interest dude…

ps: but i must say, a 10 min animation is something quite hard to me doing in 3dmax, hope that in blender it’s lighter(less cpu/gpu eater) for your own mental and pc health!

I’m in, I can help Audio / 3D


Thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay in responding.

Can you both send me a PM and we can get to work!