3rd song made with Renoise 3.0 w. my synths

Hello World, This is my 3rd track sequenced/arranged with RENOISE 3.0.


No Loops
Analog Synths
FXPansion GEIST drum machine/Tremor drum machine
some samples

Thanks for listening WORLD!!!

That’ll work, man. Of course, any nerd would wanna know what analog synths…

Did you take it down? I’m getting “Sorry! We can’t find that track.”. Was curious about the analog synths, too. :)

It’s still up… I didn’t take it down.

Bass Station 2, Microbrute/Minibrute

Nice old school sound. :)

Thank you HeartBeatHero… I’m only 24 though…

Well maybe you spent a lot of time listening to old tracker competition entries. I peg the style as early '90s club music.

Then again, if you have a drum machine, a microbrute, and a sampler, this tends to be the sort of sound you tend to make so I guess you’re true to the instruments. You couldn’t do this with a lap harp and a mandolin.

Jan, I gotta check out the old tracker competition entries… I’m now curious.

I use the FXPansion GEIST drum machine and FXPansion Tremor drum machine softsynth.

I do a lot of step sequencing to create these melodies…

I want my style to be in the 2010’s because that’s where we are…It’s not the first time I heard "old school’ though…

I keep telling them, but I did it last week so shouldn’t that be 2014 ? lol.

@HybridChildren: the raw funkyness of your tunes is timeless. I can see what Jan means, definitely picking up a certain old-school vibe too. But that IMHO just makes them better :slight_smile:

thank you Danoise…

Step sequencing in RENOISE rox… Keeps the music tight(as I don’t use swing)