4.0 Mixer Under Renoise

Recently a competition on the forum (Crazy mix 2011) ask us to make a 4.0 tune. I’ll share with you my setup although is pretty simple.

To do it quicly:
X is routed to PAN of the gainer
Y to hydra wich control the two sends wich send to the front or the back (second send is muted)

I don’t know if you can select different output for the sends (my crappy soundcard has only two outputs) but we can, uh ?
I’ll try to improve that for 5.1 or 7.1 tomorow, I’ll be on a professional 5.1 mixing studio.

It can be great to have a “mini” x-y pad on the mixer if any dev are passing here.

xrnt here

Yes you can.

thanks suva,

Xrnt uploaded I’m currently trying to find a way to make it 5.1 but it doesn’t seems to be that easy

5.1 has two extra channels. Center and subwoofer. Easy way is to just mix front outputs, mix them to mono and split them into sub channel (low frequencies) and center channel (higher frequencies). Also I think the 5.1 kinda assumes you pass all the low stuff through subwoofer instead.

Yeah I know, but I want a true center not just front mixed together minus 3dB.
(imagine you want a sound coming strictly from the center)

It’s something like

  • for X 0% to 50% gain on L track is 0 dB to -INF dB
  • for X 0% to 50% gain on C track is -INF dB to 0 dB
  • for X 50% to 100% gain on C track is 0 dB to -INF dB
  • for X 50% to 100% gain on R track is -INF dB to 0

Right know I’m faking it with the hydra’s scales but they are not ‘symmetrical’ so the curve is not perfect.

Thanx for sharing this üav, I wasn’t going to do a 4 channel version anymore, but thnx to your .xrnt I might do it still :) .

It may need some adjustment, I didn’t test it properly since I don’t have the time nor the gear right now, it’s more a quick sketch for a multichannel project I will start in one month.

I think it will do just fine, no need to be technically perfect for the soundmix compo sketch ;) , but by the time you have a better chain, don’t hesitate to post it!

Shame you can’t select which tracks you want to have rendered in Renoise when selecting ‘save each track into a separate file’. Will now end up with a bunch of redundant .wavs.

mute the back and render the front then mute the front and render the back. and check if everything is well in sync (just to be sure).