4 Channel Chip Tune Xrns

After listening to Mitch Murder(datachild)'s 4 channel chip tune, I got inspired. :D I used his chip sampleset.

XRNS is here:

Took me about an hour.


This was very cute and fun :) Nice work!

me loves it!
i should do more chip tunish music, too…

Nice, I like the filtered wobbly background legato lead.

Very enjoyable… Amiga-ish and yet modern.

I like your melodies; I still listen to ‘Esteem’ to this day, and can recognise many similarities with this tune.

hehe, nice one. what’s even nicer though, is mickrip_flingtasia.mp3 that i randomly selected from your homepage …been looping for a good 30 mins by now. xD

got inspired by this a did a little one myself (sorry for ripping the whole concept and samples) :lol:


I’ll never get tired of listening music like this… :)

I love this. Great melody. Love the chord progression. I love how there’s a pronounced melody and it’s not too busy like a lot of chippies out there…

Like the change at pattern 11. I noticed a lot of similarities in the techniques I used in my tune. Did you use the DSP chains in “Cooked with Love”? They look the same at first glance! - (and they seem to align exactly to my taste)…