4 Noob Questions.

Hi, I found that I made a lot of topics lately so I decided to wait for a few more questions to ask and then make a bigger post with relatively simple questions. :)

  1. Is there a possibility to turn of the automaticly pasted ‘OFF’ note that appears after notes if youre playing while recording?

  2. I’ve got an USB-MIDI connector, is it possible to hook up any MIDI instrument with my computer to renoise with that? (I’ve got an Roland TD6 drumkit)

  3. In de effect list (Track DSP’s) is an ‘Distortion 2’ effect, but there is no ‘Distortion 1’.
    I think I saw it one day in a demosong or something, why isnt that included in renoise?
    (edit: DSP chain > cleanyourteeth)

  4. How can I get a nice electric guitar sound? And I mean like rock or metal.
    I tried downloading the FreeAMP and some guitar samples but I cant find myself just plain samples, their all loops or whole guitar pieces, I want to play something for myself, not use somebody else’s work. :(

(5. does anybody know how people can make things like that demosong ‘Ride the Lightning’? That is just awesome!! Is there some kind of edjucation or something to learn how to do all that? :w00t: )

  1. Edit -> Preferences -> Midi -> Record note offs (4th checkbox from the top)

  2. Yes just plug it in. Then under Instrument Settings -> Midi Properties, choose the device of your choice. To hear the drummachine you would like to put a Line-in device on the desired Track.

  3. Distortion 2 is an improvement on Distortion (1). If a song was made in an earlier version of Renoise that had Distiortion (1) then it will be there to not mess up the sound due to differences between the two Distortion dsps. Actually all old dsp versions are still in there but you cant access them in newer versions of Renoise. :)

  4. This is hard. Try the free vst Juicy77 on some guitar samples. Might work in some cases, but as said many times, getting nice guitar sounds is VERY hard without a real guitar. Otherwise there is vst instruments that has layerd guitar samples with which you can kind of make up your own riffs. The best free one I have tried is YellowTools sample player Independence Free which has some distorted electric guitars. Much of the dynamics can be simulated but not all, and the free version is offcource limited, but it can be worth checking out.

  5. Practice Practice Practice, and a lot of patience, or much talent ^_^

There are also some guitar simulation VSTis that can do a pretty decent job. Some commercial or free SF2, Kontakt etc. sounbanks have pretty good clean guitars, which you can amp through freeamp.

Also IIRC there was some guitar instrument bundled with Renoise. This works fine aswell, but you might add some filters before amp to make it more humbucker like. Also the one bundled with Renoise didn’t have any palm-mute notes. Absolutely neccesary when doing metal or rock.

Another way is to rip off some notes from your favourite artists and make instruments out of them…

Either way, you won’t get exactly what you wanted. Guitar simulation will never be real enough for anything else than industrial music. I recommend you to either ask a friend, someone on these forums, or someone from freesound community to record full riffs for you. Or you can just use harsh sounding synthesizers instead to avoid the uncanny valley.

another n000000b question:

how do i keep effects loaded in one track separate from the same track in the next pattern? is that what ff00 is for?

you’ll have to excuse me, i’ve been guzzling beers all day and i now find myself unable to think…

dsp effects apply to a certain track. track1 is track1 and stays track1 in every of the songs patterns. what you can do however is bypass (ie “deactivate”) the various effects. the pattern effect for that is displayed in the lower left corner when you right-click the little checkbox which disables/enables the effect. (if you have record mode on the pattern effect will actually be “written” directly into the pattern as you’re clicking)

No sweat actually.
ff00 is to stop just all track effects currently being applied to the track’s audio.

If you experience effects being applied to other tracks than the ones they are assigned to, as well, make sure that:
You don’t use the same VSTI in more than one dedicated track. You can use them in subtracks of the primary track they are used in, but you can’t use the VSTI in secondary track and not having their audio output being affected by the effects which are applied to that instrument in its primary track.The same goes for using the VSTI its alias.

In the future we have planned to support vsti plugins with multiple outs so that alias instruments could have their own dedicated track, but for now if you for instance need a certain VSTI plugin in track 1 and you need a different preset from that same vsti in track 2, you have to load another instance of this vsti in a new instrument.

I hope OP sees this:

That guy has some nice guitar sounds.

The start on there is bloody great. I imagine it would be better if I knew what these .exs file were!

I have yet to get around to making these into ReNoise instruments. If anyone gets there first, please say so!

I’ve turned a Fender P-Bass and a plucked Cello by this guy into ReNoise instruments. It was a bit odd for a while because I didn’t notice that what he names “b-3” is actually B2 ;) The same with a few other notes! I’ve set a few basic envelopes and sample-loop points. They could be a lot better - I have no real idea what I’m doing, to be honest :P

edit: Even though I have a shit soundcard, I’m thinking of sampling my own Westfield bass, my friends crap electric guitar through his Metal Muff and also through his Marshall. Maybe… One day…