4 Of My Songs

Hi guys,

Been using Renoise for a few months now and have put some of my stuff up on Myspace. Have a listen, let me know what you think! :w00t:

LINK - http://www.myspace.com/spitfirelynch

Hope you enjoy!



Valid point! The link is now in the original post!

Thanks! :lol:

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I only listened to Static Y and Hey baby for the moment.

Static Y - I dig your beat throughout the whole song, I think it progresses really well. I would like the song a ton more if the guitar/distortion had a bit more variation though. The song is pretty sweet though.

Hey Baby - I dig this song quite a bit as it is. Good job!

Cheers yeaux! I agree the guitar/distortion part is from a pretty limited selection of samples that I’ve used from two metal songs so there’s not a great deal of variation there. I’m gonna leave it to avoid spending the rest of my life working on it :panic:


Isn’t it thought?

which metal songs?

They’re both Static X songs, Loser and Love Dump if I remember correctly. I just chopped some stuff up in work during my lunch hour just to experiment with and decided that I could make a full song out of it.