4-Track concept EP made with Renoise for Linux (Heavy)

Hello everyone,

Renoise has become an invaluable tool for me, I use it to program drum-tracks and control internal and external synths, as well as prototype or arrange music. And it works perfectly on Linux, thank you very much for porting it.

My EP “Nomiloth - Tide” is a 4-Track concept EP, sounding epic, dark, heavy and slow with a sprinkle of progressive. Arranged, recorded, mixed in Linux with Ardour, Renoise, Zynaddsubfx/Yoshimi and Audacity. Gear used are Ibanez Guitars and Bass, a Meeblip Synth, a wide range of fuzz and distortion pedals and a RODE NT1-A.

I’ve uploaded 2 songs to soundcloud (the player should show below), you can get the full EP at http://nomiloth.bandcamp.com


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I´ve couldnt listen it yet but i have one question :-).
What exactly 4track mean? I know it is common technique when simulating old trackers, snes etc.

I am not sure if it means 4 tracks in renoise (but any track can have X columns) and any number of instruments or chords in any of it.
Or if it means just 4 tracks limited to 4 instruments and when instrument use chord (3 notes) just one note is free?
Or something else?
I would like to try this limitation sometimes…
Thank you

Oh, it’s the EP itself that has 4 tracks or songs on it, the amount of audio or MIDI tracks in Renose and Ardour was much, much higher.

But limiting yourself to try and make music with only 4 tracks is a good idea, do it! I’ve done some minimalist stuff with renoise and puredata, and currently I’m tinkering around with lsdj on an old gameboy. It’s rather good fun and I find myself having lots of great ideas.

On a related note, I recall 4-Track tape recorders being quite popular to record demos or ideas some years ago.

Oh, that “concept” confused me.
I like it! It evokes some stuff i’ve listened before like code, ved buens ende and some doom stuff or even devil doll (because of that slow creepy section). But it sounds little less desperate :slight_smile:

Yes. YES. YESS! Moar Renoise Metal!

edit: I liked it so much I bought the EP.

Echt tierisch geil!

And also quite artistic. It shows a meticulous attention to detail and sound which proves the range and sensitivity of what can go into metal.

The choral work is very impressive. All your own voice?

That whistling on track 3, perfect.

@Akiz: I think I’ll have to search and listen to code and ved buens ende then, love devil doll, especially because of the creepyness :slight_smile:

@Carbonthief: Thank you very much, it means a lot to me. I have started stalking you on soundcloud, you’ve got a some really impressive stuff uploaded there, transcending a lot of genres.

That whistling on track 3, perfect.

Oh yeah, had a bad guitar day and wasn’t able to nail the solo on the guitar, so i said “F*** it, I’ll whistle this!”. :wink:

@Jan: Danke danke! It takes forever and a day for me to get anything finished, but I firmly believe that an overly obsessive attention to detail is part of creating quality works. Well, thats at least what I tell myself after a long night with nothing to show… Background vocals and choirs are me, yes. Stealing from Type 0 Negative there.

This was cool, reminds me of the old days when i listened a lot to My Dying Bride, Type O Negative, Moonspell and such.

@TheBellows: Hell yes, Turn Loose The Swans, The Angel and The Dark River, Bloody Kisses, Wolfheart… Good times, good times.

Great stuff, bought the EP. Reminds me a little of a slower, less metallic-focused Frantic Bleep:

Man, THAT’s sinister…

Cool stuff!

@Achenar: Many thanks, in return I’ve decided to stalk you a bit and check out all your fotos, videos and music. Not finished yet but very impressive so far :slight_smile: Listening to Frantic Bleep right now.

@HeadphoneCue: My setup is rather cheap and consists of an an old M-Audio Delta 44, A Rode NT1-A with a reflexion filter, Blue Sky eXo2 monitors and some cheap foam absorbers. Mixing and Mastering is done with Debian GNU/Linux running Ardour and Renoise. Most cash went into effect pedals, mostly different analog distortion and fuzz stomp boxes.

@René: Thanks, the new stuff will be even more sinister. Thats the plan, at least.

Nice work, love the sound you got going here and a really good voice too.

Listening to this on headphones for the first time just now. There’s a lot more going on than is initially obvious.

This is monster! Awesome work

Nice vocals and I like the heavy guitars. :slight_smile:

Honestly the best music I heard last year. Looking forward to a follow up.


Very good!