4 Track Ep I Finished The Other Day


Feedback would be nice. + or -

Love the album!

Som feedback:

  • The high pitched sounds in track 2 really need to be tamed… they hurt my ears at low volumes, and I’m used to lots of trebble… I’d suggest trying some lofimat on top of them, at higher settings, as it will keep the meat of the sound, but will tame the resonance
  • The drums in track could really do with some more mid-range to bring them closer to the front of the mix … especially the kicks + snares
  • I’d love to hear a mix of track 4 with less reverb… it seems like it would be very nasty :) … I’d love to do a more agressive mix of it if you’d let me :P

I’m glad you like it. :)

Thanks for the input.

Yeah, if you want to, go for it. What do you want me to send over?

I guess that all depends on what you used :P

XRNS should be fine right? Renoise should tell me which VSTs I’m missin ;)

Aight! Xrns it is (that’s all I used). I’ll PM it to you when I copy it off my other computer later today. :)

I don’t remember if I used any foreign vsts in it though (or if they were native).

This is a superb EP.
Track 1- Love the way the intro tricks you into unexpected diseased penis-core!
Track 2 - I felt ws the weakest one, but still appreciate the great ingenuity gone into it.
Track 3’s probably my favourite, although I do think it drags a little towards the end of the first half, the the second half more than makes up for it.
Track 4 - Catchy, a good ‘end track’ :)

Finished the remaster of track 4… PM’d you meow… lemme know if you’re ok with me spamming it here ;)

That’s some really tight stuff going on here. I like it.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to include byte’s mix as a secret hidden 5th track!!

Persian Mynx - Why must you waste our time with fixing your shit (BYTE-Smasher’s Smashing Remaster)

In the words of will ferrell, “You can do whatever you want, it’s your money computer.” ;)

Once again, thanks BYTE. Hope to hear that hell mix one day.

Presuming you don’t mind me adding it on my LP, I’ll do it ASAP :P

Credit me for the original track and you can use it for whatever. ;)

Of course mr meow :D