4 Years Like Yesterday

1 hour EE mix with old & new stuff :


Hope you like it :)

Brilliant music :lol: I Think I hear some influenses of Jean Michel Jarre… Really good stuff I think…

Thanks!. Yeah Jarre influence might be spot on. The weird story about that is both Nick and I only started to really discover his older works (Oxygen, Equinox) during the production of our own Planet Discovery CD in 2008/2009 and yet we were already using similar melodic approach before writing that album.

Although we also have “Void Pointer” Peter on board, who brings more techno like influences as well as Nick, Peter and I individually listen to so many other things, I think the main reason we still drew a big deal of Jarre influences from our subconscience has most likely to do with Nick and my spending our childhood on a C64. Some of the known C64 SID musicians were undoubtedly influenced by Jarre. The best example undoubtedly : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igVxjCecmEg . I still believe this one title track from Martin Galway is a masterpiece in its own way, but it is also definitely Equinox influence right there :) . And I think this is one of ‘the’ tracks that stands right at the base of our own music exploring :)

Quite a nice mix to chill to, not sure I’d usually say it was my thing but quite enjoyed listening to it for my first hour at work this morning :)

Awesome stuff, chill but still enough is going so that it doesnt get boring. On some parts c64 or gamemusic influences really shine right thru, which is cool as i just love SIDs. Anyhow excellent mix.

Had time to only listen the first ten minutes for now but I can already tell I love it. Good work guys