"404" By M0D




This was my entry for Sunrise 2011 competition. Due to it being a party release it had to be kept < 4 minutes maximum. Its a bit of a genre-mash.

As an aside, here are some of the work-in-progress renders:

First Concept:

Early Draft:

Nice production and many cool sections and transitions, good job!
How did the compo go?

Thanks :) It took a good 2 weeks to get it like that. This was actually quite a challenge with a rather steep learning curve in the production stage. I come from an orchestral/newage background and the transition to tying in some silliness with D&B demoscene-style elements and a ‘touch of teh orchestra fingah’ has been one of my goals for the last couple of years. I would have liked to make it longer but the compo has a max running-time limit of 4 minutes and to be honest most audiences seem to lose interest in stuff that goes on past 2.5-3.5 minutes :(

It was a very strong compo, btw… with 13 very good quality entries. I was actually humbled when it placed 1st/13. :panic:

Wow! This is great! Well done on winning, man. Also, digging the tri-screen set up.

Cool mix of symphinic and electronic sounding :)

Thanks man :)

Absolutely not my style, and it still sounds great! Nice production!