4600h/5600h ? SSE, someone on AMD?

hello, I’m thinking to buy msi bravo with cpu 4600h or 5600h and run renoise on windows/linux manjaro.
It will work normal ?Renoise supports this cpu’s ?I’ve read about sse instructions and I’m not sure this AMD’s will work or no ? someone working on AMD ? or better buy intel ?

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Sorry for the late reply.

“” * Renoise 1.8+ requires SSE. If you have an AMD CPU, find out if SSE is disabled and switch it back on with H.Oda’s WCPUID/XPUID. You can also try A4SSE. “”

Renoise System Requirements

Also, one thing to consider…

If you have a very hot environment / room / house, look for an intel processor.
These run at lower temperatures than AMD processors and work better under heat.

4600h (Zen2) / 5600h (Zen3) are current gen mobile AMD CPUs, whereas the 5600h belongs to the most recent iteration of their mobile ryzen line.

instruction set wise, they support everything Renoise asks for and way, way more, like AVX2 or FMA3.
what eatme quoted and posted refers to worries you might have had to have 15 years ago.

if you’re attracted to the msi bravo in particular, i’d say go for it - AMD or INTEL does not really matter at all ever since AMD launched their ryzen CPU line.