48 Hour Remix Competition This Weekend

Battle of the Bits is a silly little website that’s having a remix competition this weekend starting Friday night around midnight. If you login even sooner you can help decide/submit which sounds/samples will be used in the competition.

more info

thanks yo!

ill have to check that out.

crap, I cant take part. I am not home this weekend. :(

im on this and supplying some sounds on it.
please follow up and give me votes :D

annide – i like yer idm stuff

i noticed you said you wouldn’t vote on a certain sample
if you don’t like that sample you should give it a low scoring vote
that makes the sound/sample less likely to get chosen

This looks like a very cool idea. Will put a link in the SDCompo forums as well.

but if i don’t vote at all on the sample, it is just as unlikly to be choosen right? :P

btw. i can’t belive how smooth and cool the setup is on this page.
submitting samples and listening, chatting… i dig it!

FUKK I love that picture :lol:
Can’t participate though… just wanted attention or something

your name seems to stand for lots and lots of different things

Well, no. A sample needs 10 votes to be eligible. It can get that without you voting on it and then you didn’t have a say. Up to you.

thanx for the comment on BotB’s setup – just trying to make everything intuitive and accessible as possible.

10/4, i voted 1.
just because i don’t want to work with it. :lol:
Yodeling really isn’t really my cup of tea.

read the faq’s because of the note though.
understand a bit more now.
thanks for the lession.