4x4 switch matrix, ´hard cut´ issue solved, I guess

so i was playing around with this switch matrix idea I had from the modular world and stumbled across an unwanted noise when switching the receiver on a #send on a send track sending to another send track.
so I wrote taktik. he told me to get in here.
you can see in the file what I’m doing and I kind of made a track from the idea, (with compression and everything)
Maybe I little more explaining?
When sending a signal from a track ModMatrix4x4-0.3smoothGen.xrns (39.3 KB) with the #send is fine. You can automate the receiver as you will and no problem, no noise, pops n crackles. BUT when sending it again, from the send track a, to another send track, with the #send, and switching the receiver, then it gets unpleasant. No anything major, but enough for me to not want that, not in this particular project anyway.
So yeah, I did this instead, to get around it. You can see it on the master. It is essentially one hydra reseting four fully stopped LFO´s simultaneously while each of the four custom LFO´s are sending to four different send tracks gain. And then there are some other instruments that has nothing to do with the original idea but just thrown in there for fun.
So, it is, track 01 called DC to switch, sending to send track S01-04 and S01-04 sending to S05-08 called mod01-04.
Maybe I should post this in Renoise song also?
Oh yeah, and its 3.2 only Renoise effects bla… blah…a blalalha…a.alallbla

Download file line 7, red one, can’t miss it