5,85% only! Give Renoise a Vote!!!!

Give Renoise a vote. Goal: To get over 10% :)


only 10%? make it 550%!
show them what trackers are! (but play fair, don’t forge it gives us “spammer” image!)

now Renoise is on the second place … i think this is more realistic ;) :yeah:



19.20 %

First place together with Fruity Loops

Hey, this was not fair :)

life is not fair… fruity looses :)
but now honestly, wait few months and we’ll beat them for real!

And Renoise is the winner!! :))))))))))))))))


we’re so proud of you all :)

we’ll have to reward you with one new release this weekend (1.25 final) :D

it’s a happy news !!

There’s another poll at http://www.serious-sounds.net/forums/

Med Soundstudio is in the lead, probably due to its users being asked to vote through their mailing list. I was a Med user until I discovered the far superior Renoise :D

But you have to register to vote.

Med Soundstudio only has 26 votes, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem to get in lead :)