5 Euro Fabfilter One

Grab it while you can gulls and boys
5 euro for fabfilter one …only 5 days …amazing sounding 1 osc synthie…
I just ordered

Thanks for the heads-up, gentleclockdivider!

Amazing little synth, indeed. It has the most pleasantly sounding digital filter I’ve ever heard. I played with it for a couple of hours and just bought it myself.

It’s great as it is, and in the company of a few Renoise LFOs and velocity devices it becomes truly mind bending! :)

Yeah, I was always a fan of the free version that comes with CM. I gladly payed another $6.50 for polyphony, along with the discounts I now get on the rest of their products.

Check out fabfilter twin ( more eexpensive …but a lot of features and modulations .
It’s a dutch company and they released fabfilter one 5 years ago…Everything they release is nothing short of amazing

…you can fiind some freewareversions of fabfilter on the cm.mag cover …altough it’s only monophonic …
So 5 euro for a polyphonic 1 osc .synth with sweet filters …
We’re spoiled these days …I tell you …we’re spoiled

and if you need some ammo for it:



Nice one, I picked it up ;)