5 pattern song, want to move pattern 4 to be pattern 2 - how?


In the Pattern Sequencer, click the numbered pattern block once to select it, then click, hold and drag it into the desired new position.

By default, Renoise will automatically renumber the patterns to keep them in numerical order, but the actual contents will remain the same. However, should you wish to disable this renumbering, you can right-click in the Pattern Sequencer and disable the option “Keep Sequence Sorted”.


Ouch. (…) i have no way of doing it? (apart from copypaste pattern2 to pattern 6 and pattern 5 to pattern 2…)

You said you wanted to move the pattern. You can do exactly that with a simple drag-and-drop action. How else would you expect to do it? I guess you could also cut it and then paste it into the new position, but surely this is a bit more awkward than drag-and-drop?

If you actually want to copy/clone stuff to build up your song’s order list, then you can of course use the Ctrl key modifier (or Command on Mac, I guess?) to clone patterns. Single click pattern 5 to select it, then hold Ctrl, then click, hold and drag pattern 5 into the new position. This will create a clone of pattern 5 in that new spot. (Using the Alt key modifier will create another identical instance of pattern 5 instead, rather than creating a clone with a new number 6)

If that’s not what you meant, then please try to describe it in a bit more detail. Describe exactly what your order list would theoretically look like before and after the operation.

Hmm… On second thought, have you tried the following keys in the Pattern Editor?

  • Left Control/Command + Arrow Up/Down: Select the next/previous pattern in the sequence.
  • Left Control/Command + Arrow Left/Right: Change the current pattern’s number.
    Maybe you simply wanted to quickly flip through the available pattern numbers for the currently selected order position?


I guess there’s no real way to do that without the copypaste.

No, there’s currently no way to reassign the actual pattern indexes, or to quickly swap the contents of two patterns without the intermediate copy/paste steps.

I guess some of this just comes down to differences in personal workflows, habits from previous trackers, and so on, but I think you are probably working in a slightly more unique way than most :slight_smile:

For me personally, I don’t even pay attention to pattern indexes any more. I simply keep everything auto-sorted and use pattern names instead if something is important. This does of course mean that I must use the pattern sequencer to build up a short order list of pattern sketches first, and then later rearrange them to build up my full song.

(Not saying that any particular way is right, wrong, better or worse… simply explaining my own point of view while trying to better understand yours)

That’s what I use to change current pattern’s number, and I’ve enjoyed it. but now, I’m hoping to move a pattern from pattern-slot 5 to 2 - nothing to do with the orderlist/Pattern Sequence List View. I guess there’s no real way to do that without the copypaste.

Are you trolling?

If it has nothing to do with the sequencer, than why would it matter wich number the pattern has?

If you tick the “keep sequence sorted” then move the pattern to their respective places in the sequencer so that they get the number you want, then tick it back off and the patterns will keep the number when or if you move them around in the sequencer. Why you would need to have these patterns at the exact numbers i don’t get though.


I am not trolling. If you audition track-changes by doing cmd-left cmd-right to switch between patterns, surely it’s important to be able to switch between 2 & 3 instead of 2 & 5 to check it out. I guess I was too obscure with my explanation at the start, because (it seems) everyone is on a Pattern Sequencer / Order List trip/tip.

But how hard can it be for you to understand this? If you want to want to do what you want to do then you can make it happen easily in the pattern sequencer while the “keep sequence sorted” is ticked. All you need to do is to to move the pattern you want next to the one you want to switch between, it’s no hocus pocus, it’s one coordinated movement with the mouse.

Yes, surely all or many of the pattern numbers will probably change while moving a pattern while the kss ticked, but why would it matter?