5 simple sample editor modulator additions

I believe these additions could be very useful while editing sampler instruments:

  1. Little mute buttons for every modulation set line, so the samples assigned to the set will mute/unmute.

  2. Modulation LFO: Delay should be splitted into two values: “delay start” and “delay end” or “delay” and “fadein”, so between these two, the lfo will be faded in. Of course I could do this by adding a “fader”, but what if I need two independent pitch modulators at the same time?
    EDIT: Forget about this one if you agree to this idea: Following math rules in modulators

  3. Modulation AHDSR: Curve buttons from “exp” to “hard log”. For example just like Korg: “LogHard, LogMid, LogSoft, Lin, Exp”.

  4. Modulation AHDSR: Additional “Attack Level”, so the starting point of the graph can be defined.

  5. The From-value of the fader modulator should flow in the calculation also before the delay offset.
    EDIT: A delay value would be maybe obsolete if following this idea: Following math rules in modulators