$500.00 Usd 1.5 Meter Ethernet Cable For "audio Enthusiasts&

Denon is selling a 1.5 meter cat 5 network cable for $500 claiming that it has “higher audio fidelity” than a regular cable… FOR DIGITAL DATA TRANSMISSION


The funniest part is some of the comments on Digg and amazon. Here are some of my favourites…

From Digg:

But also check out the Amazon “reviews” :D

Some excerpts:

Oh, but there are more… Like 12 pages more of “reviews”. Funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time

:D :D

Please tell me that none of you would be the suckers to buy this crap :)

Haha I thought of a review …

I connected this cable between my desktop and my printer. Now the data coming from my desktop actually feels so good to my printer that the printer actually gives my computer blowjobs now. Well worth the price.

It`s bullshit. Digital is digital. Denon suck dicks.

haha, funny shit :D


I love all the audiophile mumbo jumbo that is bandied about.

Some stuff DOES sound better than others, but the prices charged are insanely melon twisting.

Just get yourself a Cat5 cable, it will do fine.

1010 = 10
So if we would replace all 1010 for 10, then we would be finished quite quickly…
0101010101000101010111010101010110100110101010010101010101010101010101010101011 would then become

it should be advertised as “the cable which can withstand nuclear holocaust… delivers the same digital nuances as your regular network cable, even after napalm airstrike”

seriously though, this isnt the first time ive heard crap like this. a while back there was an article which argued that vinyl style cd-rs not only looked cool, but actually sounded better than regular cd-rs. alas i cant find the link now… i wonder why?

OMG no , that would be compressing the digital audio, thus reducing the fidelity!

Yet you don’t know if they really sell this cable.
The only simple souls buying this stuff are folks who actually don’t know a damn thing about audio, just that they want to have the best of the best and that money is not an effort.

I’m sorry… but the health benefits of omega 3 and, tomato juice, and vitamins are scientifically proven… even though perhaps overexaggerated at times… they’re definitely good shit. They’re even using B vitamins and omega 3 DHA to treat Alzheimer’s disease. That’s a pretty good placebo if you ask me.

64 bit mixing in analog modelled plugins reduces aliasing and rounding errors… it’s a mathematical proof… again, something completely objective. Whether or not it makes things sound better is a different story, but it does help create a waveform that is significantly closer in timbre to analog counterparts.

As for mineral water… it’s also healthier for you than say… Pepsi’s Aquafina product, which contains no minerals at all. Lack of minerals = water leeching electrolytes from your body = water overdose => death. Medically proven time and time again from dead raver kids who drank too much demineralized water and ended up in the morgue. If I were to attack bottled water, I’d attack the shit that’s actually bad for you. When you drink Aquafina, you may as well be drinking distilled water (read: DON’T DO THIS) because you’re doing the same shit to yourself.

Shampoo with herbal extracts may or may not help your hair and your scalp… but if they contain things like vitamin E and retinol, they will definitely help, as your body uses those vitamins in the process of making skin cells. Aloe Vera is similar in respect to the fact that it’s packed with a crapload of different vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, all of which the body uses in it’s day to day processes. Sure, you get most of these when you eat… but there are things that can block your vitamin absorption, so some people need to supplement somehow. Plus, a bit extra won’t hurt, right?

I can’t comment on everything you’ve mentioned, as I’m not sure why motherboard energy saving, TFT contrast ratio or digital summing engines would or wouldn’t be a scam.

I can however, say that politics is nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors, meant to give the public some sense of power over the fate of their lives.

That being said, the things you mentioned are in a completely different class than the outright scam that’s been presented here. Sure, if I were paying $100/bottle for some “miracle aloe vera vitamins”, I might tend to agree… but vitamins these days are very reasonably priced, and generally good for you, presuming you know where your diet is lacking.

This kinda phenomenon explained:


@ bytesmasher

If you only new how marketing works ;)

And in other news: http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Real_Sound/Industry/E7S6F8U2

And I know completely how marketing works. I’ve also done my research on nutrition… and I’ve used medical journals to do so. I’m all about using objective information sources instead of relying on hearsay. If you’d like to further expand on your comment, please, go right ahead.

Nice discussion about essential life-care products…

With Omega 3 you got a lot of flavors… it is the DHA and EPA presentation and relation that counts.

Also is it real fishoil from seafish or from breed-stock? It is even better if the oil has been regenerated from the algae that live in the sea as these nutrit the fish which makes them produce the Omega-3 oil.

Also, lots of fishoil capsule manufacturers add water to the capsule, this can make the oil resolve in it, making it worthless.

Any skin product that contains vitamins A, C and E together add a great value to your skin.

Problem with vitamins is what do we really know about it? We need vitamins in a specific mixture that the human body recognizes and disassembles. You need certain vitamines that help to break certain minerals.

Too much of one and too less of the other one means that you loose a lot through your urine.

Loads of vitamines you eat in the morning, you urinate right back unused around 11.00.

That’s why you need to eat vitamin rich food three times a day.

I could add a bit more, but i’m not going to bore anyone further with that stuff.