> 60% with empty song

Hi there,

I have some major issues with the cpu load lately. It goes up to 60% and beyond while playing empty songs.

I’v e played around with the settings like;

changing the number of cores
changing the GUI frame rate
changing the audio driver
changing the audio driver buffers

And nothing helped to solve it.

Does anyone have tips to look at?

Kind regards Mario

We need way more info. Computer spec, audio, operating system, Renoise version


Here it is:

AMD FX 8320 8 core
16 Gb Ram
Windows 7
Renoise 64Bit - V3.2.1
ASIO Driver (but tried every driver)
Tascam US122 MKII Audio interface

if empty songs are “no notes in song but there are instruments” and you are using heavy vst instruments, make sure that on plugin tab, you have cpu usage = auto suspend ON

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Thanks a lot! That was the trick! :smiley:

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