64->32Bit Bridge

I don’t have use for this, but I guess many people do. Especially those using mostly freeware 32-bit plugins.

I have no idea how hard it would be to implement this, but I thought it could be an easy case considering we already have a pretty well working 32->64bit bridge.

Kazakore is probably going to come here and bash this suggestion, so I decided to add an explanation:

Most plugins don’t benefit of 64bit host. Only those that use a lot memory, like for example Kontakt or Alchemy, need it.
So if you use mostly 32bit plugins it would make sense to bridge the few 64bit plugins that benefit of 64bit mode and keep 32bit plugins nonbridged, if most of your plugins don’t have 64bit version.

i ended up switching to 32bit version because of how long it takes to load a 32bit bridged plugin (3-5 seconds instead of instant). i’m finding it much slower now at loading 32bit plugins than ever before (im only calling them 32bit plugins now cosrenoise tells me they’re 32bit plugins - i don’t know anything about bits), earlier on i could load in nine vst efx directly with 9 keyshortcut presses, and they would all pop up real quick (2.7.2 behaviour).

i’m really not sure if this kind of quickness is now lost with the new version, if so, it’s a bitter (but, i guess, survivable because "you have to try and survive what with the new stuff) pill.

Haha! Brilliant.

Exactly this already happens. If you run a 32bit Renoise on a 64bit OS, Renoise will bridge any 64bit plugins !which are not present as 32bit versions as well!. So, if there’s a “native” 32bit version, Renoise will always prefer this one to avoid any overhead from the bridging. If there’s no native one but a “foreign” 64bit version, it will bridge this one.

Why would I bash it when it already exists and incorporating it wouldn’t break the ability to do anything that you can already do?

Maybe I should bash your inability to read Release Notes or threads started by the Developers on this exact subject though!

This is perfect version of Renoise, it simply got everything, just one detail that bothers me a lot and eat x2 time is that i’m running x64 Renoise and all x32 plugins opens bridged, which means when i tweak VSTi i can’t hear any sound from keyboard or midi until i focus back to Renoise, this is terrible and ruins all workflow for me…
Any workarounds or updates planning on this?

Coz i highly would like to keep x64 host, since usually i use alien amount of plugins in one project, which loads it 4+Gb and on x32 host usually leads to crashes or stutters now it’s gone, but this bridge thing ruins workflow… :\

Yes, use 64bit plugins on a 64bit host.

“Bridge” is just another word for graveyard.

For the same reasons we don’t run Commodore VIC20 plugins on a 64bit host, we shouldn’t expect miracles running 32bit oldies either.

Upgrade your plugins and move on.

Not all plugins can be upgraded? Well, that’s a plugin problem, not a Renoise problem… Innit? Not a lot that can be done here.

Good times.

Too bad to hear that for someone who have 2000+ plugins, as you can guess 90% of them x32, and that doesn’t mean that they are old at all…

  • as i remember FL x64 host doesn’t have this kind of injury, which makes workflow faster…but i totally don’t want to loose nothing, Renoise is still best host, but hell, this new problem just ruins greatest experience)

Still hope that it’s possible to find some solution on program level for this.

P.S. At least midi keyboard works unfocused, i just have setup it wrong at first

The bridge is the workaround. It is what makes it possible to load your 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit host, which would otherwise be impossible. Asking for the ability to load 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit host without using some kind of bridge is like asking for the ability to plug a European power lead into a US socket without using any kind of adaptor.

No i didn’t meant it this way, of course bridge is the only way for plugs to be loaded for different platforms, i mean it have to be improved that’s all.

Ah, fair enough, I misunderstood what you were asking for.

That is the best solution to playing notes in the first place.
I don’t have any problems with bridged plugins simply because i merely use my midi keyboard to trigger them.
Yeah, not everybody has the occasion to bring a midi device to every place when the person only has a laptop, but then i would suggest to use the native version of Renoise matching the plugins bit version in those cases.

Well, just as described, sometimes it’s pretty much hard to use only x64 plugins and sometimes it’s impossible to use midi devices, and of course most of us would like to see all the plugins react exactly same in all cases :)

Now my temp religion is praying for some improvements of bridge, it’s new thing to Renoise, so i hope there are still some room for experiments and tryouts for 2.8

An improved bridge would add latency between triggering moment and playing moment. Perhaps not much but it is data that has to be send from a client to a server.

Which happens anyway.

If fruity loops manages to deal with the key focus more elegantly, we can too, I hope ;)

Yep…It happens anyway

I have found another yet bug or…behaviour

For example when changing presets of waves 7 x32 via context menu of plugins itself (the only actual way to change presets in waves 7 bundle) renoise and all audio hangs and stutter sound on tiny loop until you choose preset…
It is ok or not?

Not only waves at all, also this stutter occurs while closing some plugins for pretty long time