64 Bit Renoise For Windows - (For 64Bit Plugins)

Hey guys, any idea if there is a 64bit version of ReNoise in the works so that I can use my 64bit plugins with it???

It’s hasn’t been a major issue to date, as I have learned to prefer the piano-roll view for most orchestral implementations any way, but sometimes it would be nice not to have to flip back to Reaper to use 64bit plugins when I have started the project with ReNoise.

I started off with both DAW’s running together through ReWire (on dual monitors of course), but these days I find myself (once again) using ReNoise for so much of the music that I end up just bouncing the music to WAV when it reaches that critical mass in ReNoise, and after importing the wav files into new tracks of Reaper, THEN I add or tweak the stuff that I couldn’t do (or sometimes just what I couldn’t do EASILY) with Reaper_64.

Does anybody else find themselves using another DAW in conjunction with ReNoise (either sequentially OR in parallel through ReWire or the like)?

If so:

  1. What ancillary DAW are you using?
  2. Do you use them independently or linked together (like with ReWire)?
  3. What functionality does the partnership offer your workflow?


– Dale L

I remember someone of the team saying there wont be 64-bit version of Renoise for windows, at least not on anytime soon. I believe there are some problems with ReWire and other even more important features. Someone with better insight can help more…

I think jBridge should be able to let you run 64bit plugins in Renoise. Using jBridged VSTis works pretty well. I use 32bit->32bit jBridge to be able to use EWQL libraries as separate threads, otherwise Renoise hits the 32bit memory limit and you are doomed.

It will be there as soon as proper 64bit and 32-bit plugin support can be given with the same Renoise session.
I don’t know if ReWire support is that important, there currently is no 64-bit ReWire architecture existing so there aren’t many 64-bit applications supporting ReWire (at least the ReWire would then be a the 32-bit variant running and connecting to other 32-bit hosts or hosts running the 32-bit ReWire environment).

Aknowledged, thanks for the clarification on my part as well ;)

Thanks HEAPS for that Martin. I’ve purchased it already and look forward to putting it to good use.



– Dale L

jbridge saves my ass / ram AND cpu too haha excellent piece of software :)

I understand that you want to do this “properly”, but shouldn’t this be done as a two-step process? Is there some technical reason why there has to be an in-built wrapper before 64-bit support can be released at all? I stopped using Renoise a while back because I no longer use ANY 32-bit VSTs, but will return to it the very day 64-bit support is released. For me it feels a bit silly to have to wait for a related feature that I will never use (the wrapper) before the primary feature becomes available to me.

Not that I don’t appreciate the effort, and a wrapper will certainly help market Renoise, but I’m curious about this decision.

Edit: To clarify, this question is based upon the assumption that 64-bit support is easier to implement than the wrapper, which from what has been mentioned in earlier discussions seems to be the case.

what exactly is it, that you couldn’t do (easily) in renoise?
just curious…

I’m with TiLT.

32-bit plugins will eventually die. Third party solutions exist. There’s no point in spending time on a wrapper. It’s wasted time on something that will be useless sooner than later.

It’s a harsh reality that Macintosh users have gone through several times (PPC to Intel for starters), Linux users are familiar with, and Windows users should just get used to.

The ability to run both Renoise 32-bit and Renoise 64-bit on the same computer using a different settings directory for each is problems solved for me.

+1 @ Conner_Bw

+1 to everyone not considering wrapper that important.

Just make sure it works properly with the best third party wrapper available.

I use reaper when remixing. Because dealing with vocal samples for remixing in renoise is a pain in the arse. with the click and drag flex time, easier laying out of audio files in reaper I find it a lot faster to work on. Even though my cpu takes one for the team when I do…