64-bit Renoise

Hi guys.

The other day I tried out Cakewalk Sonar 6, and was suprised to find out that it supported 64-bit Windows. I read up on it, and Cakewalk claims in their list of features that running in x64 gives you between 20 and 30% gains in performance.

I’m curious if anyone has any grasp of how much truth there is in that statement, especially considering that most (if not all) VST instruments will only run in 32-bit?

If it’s true, would adding x64 support to Renoise be worth while/interesting?

I also remember reading somewhere that Microsoft recommends their customers to upgrade to x64 Windows (Vista SP1 or XP SP2/3 I suppose then), which in turn would mean that sooner or later people would be running Renoise on x64 anyway (seeing as basically every pc system sold today supports it) - does this change anything?

I’m not requesting x64 support for Renoise, simply wondering if it’s interesting/worthwhile.

edit: I suppose that one reason to add x64 support is to make use of (much) more RAM.