64 Studio


Downloading the live CD right now, sounds really great… anybody have any experience with it?

I thought its development got frozen… that is the only thing that comes back to my mind…


An alternative:

Another alternative:

The development of 64 Studio is NOT frozen! The release candidate of version 2.1 has been released today…

IMHO It’s one of the best audio distro available, much more mature than Ubuntu Studio. It’s main developper is Free Ekanayaka, of Agnula/Demudi fame.

yep i use it


It may be but currently they seem to lack the promotion skills to announce these things.

Or the wrong site is advertised here but what is advertised seems dead since august last year.

No trace of a 2.1 RC to be found.

Yeah, I agree that they don’t really know how to promote their work.

64 Studio is built directly on top of Debian, so they have two versions, one very stable but completly outdated, and one “in development”. The latter is not intended “for production use”, so there is very few public announcements.

The RC can be downloaded here: http://cdd.64studio.com/releases/64studio/

My initial post was not against other audio distros, I just wanted to prevent 64 Studio from being buried alive! :P

Well, okay, thanks for the link…
It would help if the developers would keep their main entry page more alive as well, now a lot of folks (like me) get the wrong impression it became abandonware.