64Th Notes???

Renoise seems to default to 16th note grid pattern. How do I go about setting a pattern for 32 and 64th notes? Seems like there should be a one click button for this action but no?

You need to increase your LPB (Lines Per Beat) setting:

The default of 4 LPB gets you 16th notes.
8 LPB gets you 32nd notes.
16 LPB gets you 64th notes.

Changing the LPB alone will not modify the actual pattern data, so you’ll need to use the expand function to resize your patterns to fit the new LPB value. Expand can be found in the Advanced Edit section:

Make sure the appropriate mask is selected first. ‘Whole pattern’ to expand only the current pattern, or ‘Whole song’ to operate on the whole song, etc.

If you only want to change the LPB for a specific pattern in your song and leave the others untouched, then you’ll probably also need to use the F1xx pattern command:

256 LPB!!!



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LPB is the quickest step indeed.
If you only need a 32nd or 64th note here and there, you’re better off using the delay column and simply add another note in another notecolumn on the same row. Then simply use delay value 80 for a 32nd note and delay value 40 for a 64th note for the extra note on the same row.

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