68Kb D&B Madness

i still have this song of mine with which i’ve won evoke’s tracker compo last year.
size limit was 64kb packed. i think and my .xrns is that small and stuff.

it’s also a good demonstration of sample creation, filtering, looping and so on.
also i’ve used renoise dsp plugins to pimp the 8bit samples.
the sampledata is 38kb only, from 280 bytes up to 5300bytes. the biggest part of
the song is the song data :D

if any interests or so or if it might be good to go with the renoise package, hit me!

would be fun to check out (=

yes share please!

as TEiS mentioned, it was released at last year’s evoke, so it’s available publically. ;)

Thanks, grabbed


ah ye … i always forget that scene.org is always having the releases of parties…

so yea, there it is. :) … i might fix a video about the stuff i’ve done in it.
for exsample, the first bass. it’s an old upright sample, from amiga. …

*nostalgia sinks in :walkman:

wondering how i could get this explained in an video…

i’ve dug it out after 2 hears and looked at it again … whee … i wanna share my skillz