7/4 noises from the fjords of Norway

ffs, why did I have to chose that username

All sounds (except the vocals) are crafted with Massive and Synth1. I thought I’d get an analogue feel in the track if I ran all the VSTi’s live. I guess not.

It’s obviously not finished and Lord knows if it ever will be. I spend way too much time on each bar to keep myself set on finishing the track. Oh well.

The track as it is right now has been written in three different periods, first section was written last fall, the second section was written this summer and the last part was written yesterday.


edit: You know you’ve made a good track when no-one can dispute it, eh? :smiley:

hey ns…Maybe you should change your username if you don’t like it, lol. I changed mine years ago, I just had to contact the admins and ask them nicely.

This track is really cool. Really different than something I would have thought of. It’s good to hear a nice distorted 909 :slight_smile: The mix on your track sounds excellent, bassline is rumbling, hihats are nice and crisp. Holy loudness starts around 1:17!!! I had to turn my volume down about 4 notches. Might want to look at making that section quieter.

Anyway yeah, this is some pretty wicked stuff, maybe you should do something random / unexpected and add live vocals or something. Ha

Anyway, keep up the good work. You should set a deadline to finish it. By next February 1 or something like that. Deadlines are our friends :slight_smile: Well, they usually work for me anyway.

Thanks organic io, good to hear the mix is [somewhat] solid.

A buddy of mine actually proposed to put down some lyrics on it, we’ll see though. I’ll make a deadline, then. I’ve never managed to finish a song before, so hopefully this will be a first.

I really appreciate what you’re doing, by the way, bumping empty noteworthy threads. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: