7/8 Meassure?

well theres not much more to say i guess…
i just dont know how to set it up in renoise…
i guess it has something to do with how you set the LPB…


Patternlength 70 or E0 (hex) :)

edit: download my xrns-file package, most of the tracks are 7/8 or 7/4
hosted by Charly Linch: http://www.charlylinch.com/Benefit_of_the_Xrns.rar

setting LPB to a multiple of 7 will certainly help you fitting everything in the right measure

Depends on how many measures you want in a pattern and how many lines you want in a beat.

I’m a fan of 12 lines per 8th note, so a single bar of 7/8 would be an 84 line pattern with 12 lines per beat. Or, you could make a 2-bar pattern with 168 lines.

listened to mr snares lately? :rolleyes:

This might help: http://downloads.renoise.com/20betacompo/A…r_Parlance.xrns

A pattern length of 56 will give you 7/8 .