74hz - F.U.N.K


I listened to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, so I guess I got inspired by it. It’s nowhere near Daft Punk musically tho.

Groovy and funky track, its lacking some electric funk guitars, too bad I cant play guitar :~D

What do you think ? Feedback is appreciated, as always.

Funk on.


Second song I managed to finish. Inspired by Nu-Disco :) Feedback?

to me this is a goodwork more interesting than daft punk(i like just the work they do in live alive tour i guess heu i’m not sure)

WOW! Thanks :D If you honestly think like that, I appreciate it alot :) Thank you for your comment !

Nice ones!

the first one vaguely reminds me of the cartoonish megaman game on the playstation, i think it was MM7 or 8

the second one reminds me of oldschool lizardking =)